Gifts – Adding Value to Holiday

The team at The Violet Grace love to add around additional service options to enhance the aggregate experience of our guests.

In our own lives there are but a few special occasions, and some extremely special occasions. Given an opportunity, we all would desire to celebrate them appropriately. Joining in to share the celebrative moods and occasions of our near and dear ones is something we look forward to. Of course, there is a joy in sharing.

Some would like to celebrate such special occasions with a quite getaway holiday, and those of us who love them and wish them well from our hearts look for avenues to express what they mean to us. Inserting money in an envelope allows them to gauge the depth of our love, and we all agree that to monitise love and well wishes are not only not easy but also unfair. Some buy items as a well packed gift not knowing if they already have them, or someone else have also bought a similar gift for them.

Just pause and wonder for a moment, how appropriate it would be to buy a gift that would add value to that holiday. It could be a surprise on their arrival at their hotel, or a gift voucher they could carry along with them knowing you have bought this gift for them, and already plan it out as part of their itinerary.

Gifts that we have complied below form great gifts ideas.

  • Wedding on the beach or Renewal of wedding vows: It is an experience that is out of this world. The carpet below your naked foot is the pure sand, the sky is the roof, the setting sun and twinkling stars are the lighting system, the sound of lapping waves is the enchanting music, the backdrop for photographs are the ocean and sky. It is not easy to give this experience as a gift when you crave to have it for yourself, but it will be the gift your friend can ever forget.
  • Exclusive Dinner on the Beach: this very well can be a dream, and you could gift this as a gift. The guests could craft their own menu with the Executive Chef, and served by their own waiters, in a location where they wish to experience their dream. There is no world beyond you, during these moments. The intimacy, the tranquility, and the exclusivity are the matters of the heart that would rule the dinner experience that night. Gifting this to your loved one would remain immeasurable experience for ages to come.
  • Couples Massage: Spas and massages are rejuvenators and de-toxicants that effectively rolls one out from their toxic life style into a new world of freshness.

    Couples’ treatment synchronised to start and finish at the same time, is an experience that fills romance in the air.

    An ideal gift to show your careful choice, knowing your loved ones’ preferences.
  • Romantic Cruise takes the guests close to vibrant nature of a different world – the world of underwater. Cruising across gentle waves, getting a glimpse now and then of the vibrant life underneath draws us so close to the world that we live in.

    Romantic sunset cruise or the full day luxury sailing on Turkish wooden yacht is an experience your loved ones will grateful to you for gifting it to them with your well wishes.
  • Robinson Crusoe experience is possible only in some very selected destinations where nature has retained exclusive islands that could be rented for half a day or full day – all for yourself. From where you are, the nearest habitation is unseen.

    A perfect gift to couples who have dared to dream of a world that is all their own.
  • Breakfast in Bed with (or without) Champagne: Little desires in life could have enormous impact when experienced with the right person, at the right place, at the right occasion. These impacts are so strong that it takes a good while for something else to supersede it.
    An ideal gift to show how you wish your loved ones you would not spare even the routine things of life needs to be special for them, only because you love them.
  • Sunset Cruise: Though the sunset could be seen from almost any part of the world, it’s charm and glamor vary vying with the local ambiance. The best sunset is always in it’s natural surroundings, and over a water body it has it’s very unique charm when the hues of the skies get reflected in all their true colours over the water.
    A “not to miss” experience for your loved ones, with your best compliments, can add value.
  • Fishing is part of unique lifestyle of some elite group of people. For some, “it is in their blood”. Every fish caught is a victory, every chase is a challenge, one trying to outwit the other.
    Be the catch for game, or for the grill, the thrill of one’s victory is sensational.
    A very good gift for the one who cherishes personal victory in life.
  • Safari into the wild nature, to explore from fairly safe distance, the serenity and volatility that forms nature, is a combination of fun, excitement, thrill, and education. Tracking the trails of known species around the area makes one feel like living out a Discovery episode.
    Safaris to experience daylight and nocturnal wild life are a great idea for gift. It is very beautiful to see how orderly the wild nature is.
  • Diving takes us to yet another world, a vibrant world underwater with it’s own law and order system. Divers are generally considered as curious visitors from a curious world and are entertained as such. What one will get to see and experience depends upon his curiosity and attention to details. Creatures as tiny as a speck to some that are of giantly proportions come together to form one environment.
    Gifting a diving voucher will touch the heart of your friend who loves diving.
  • Watersports is fun for all ages and all members in a family. Banana ride, windsailing, catamaran, doughnut rides, para sailing, water skiing, kite boarding, wave surfing, and some more. The yells and screams we hear are to ask for more thrills and fun.
    This pure fun activity is a wonderful gift to anyone who is always on the look out for some thrill all the time.
  • Golf is a cool game with vast span of nature all around. This game of the elites has touched the hearts of people in a few more wrungs making it a Populor game. Golf is a passion among girls and boys, the youths, ladies and gentlemen. Once a game of northern Europe and Scotland, it is now game loved by Chinese, and the Asians too.
    Make your loved ones get that elevated feeling with a round of golfing gifted with all your best wishes.