Medical Travel - Destination: BANGALORE

Bangalore, the fifth largest city of India, is draped over the Deccan Plateau at an altitude of 949 meters (3113 feet) above sea level, which gives the best climate of all the cities of India.

The city has mentions in inscriptions as early as 9th century. However, the present city took it's early shapes in the hands of Kempe Gowda since 1537. Since then, the city has accumulated rich historical values.

Bangalore is referred to by various titles, which include "Garden City of India", "Air Conditioned City", "Retired People's Paradise", etc.

About three decades ago, the city began to be known as "Silicon Valley of India". This was the beginning of a whole new era in Bangalore. The quite tranquil, cool place began it's evolution to be a global business hub.

This in turn awoke the city developments to accommodate the commercialisation of the city. Developments in health care galloped in leaps and bounds. Specialty and super specialty hospitals populated the city manned by professionals with global education and experiences.

People from countries near and far have received successful treatments when they had almost lost their hopes of enjoying normal health.

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Computer Assisted Navigation Surgery

HOSMAT uses this highly sophisticated system for joint replacement, spine, neuro surgery and accident trauma. The system provides real time imaging of patient anatomy, detailed information for intra operative decissions, visual confirmation of surgical progression. The system increases precision surgery with ease.