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God created man and woman and bound them with a divine string that we know as love. It is so natural that often times we have very little control over it. When it happens, our entire being converges to energise the feeling. We are grateful that it is a healthy feeling and hence our conscious efforts volunteer to nurture this emotion to it’s pinnacle.

Nature in it’s bounties has the charms to vitalize cupid emotions effectually. Accompanied with it’s gentle imbibing sounds, nature creates an ambiance paces the heart throbs to communicate effectually their inner feelings. This is where words have failed due to their inadequacies. Partnering with nature to find new depths in your love bound relationship is very wise.

Romantic options to consider

  • Celebrate the very joy of being together embraced within the charms of nature undisturbed by commotions of the world.
  • Make your vital move, the first step to an everlasting union, witnessed by the waves, and the sands, and the sun. The right ambiance gives the right impact for the right decision.
  • Seal your love in an eternal relationship, say ‘yes, I do” in your response, tie the cupid knot, begin a new life as a couple just made for each other. There is no venue to mark that beautiful relationship than having the soft sands for the carpet, the star lit sky for roof, the lapping sound of waves at the beach for music, the gentle sea breeze to wipe the nervous seats, setting sun to light the venue, ….. you are truly blessed to the utmost in this union.
  • Honeymoon is once in a life time experience that intensifies your cupid relationship. Every care and efforts put in to plan this experience will be very rewarding.
  • Couples massage is so designed that both the guests will experience well synchronized moves. The treatment starts at the same time and ends at the same time. When you turn, you either face each other, or away from each other. It is a routine that adds love to the sensational experience on the massage table.
  • Exclusive candle light dinner on the beach that affirms you are a world unto yourselves and nothing else really matter. Craft your menu with the Executive chef, have the food cooked and served by dedicated professionals, with the musicians playing your exclusive songs, all just for you.
  • Rent out an island for your exclusive fun. Relax, sun bath, swim, snorkel, do whatever excites you …. It is your own island, it is your own world, live your own dream. An experience that will remain embedded in your being for ages to come.
  • Hire a boat for a luxurious cruise on the soft waves to enjoy the gentle sunset amidst rich hue of divine colours. It is an experience that transports you way out of the reality of this world, reaching you out to the intense serene beauty of pure nature in their dance of life synchronised with your emotions.

Romantic's destinations to choose from

  • Treat yourself to champagne breakfast in bed, a luxury every couple deserves in their romantic holiday. It sets the pace for your day and, the holiday ahead. Live your holiday in high spirits.