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Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity - World Health Organization.

Healthy person is not only an asset to his country and family, but primarily to himself. Health offers a secure feeling of independence.

God by His wisdom has built in all creations the very sophisticated immunity system that has the ability to identify any shortfall or hindrances in smooth functioning of our body, analyse the cause of discomfort, identify remedial measures, compound the treatment, and execute the cure. Once the cure is accomplished, the data base of the immunity system is updated for better combat ability in future. This is a continuous process that we do not even realize that is in place, until the body encounters a situation where the immunity system is taking longer time, and this is impacting our normal life. Medical help at this juncture is a natural thought, however care should be exercised not to suppress the working order of the immunity system with intruding external medication, but judiciously support the immunity system.

It is here the identification of a good medical treatment is all so critical. Bengaluru has acquired the unique distinction as a major medical tourism destination in this part of globe by the virtue of medical professionals, with global education and experience, have set up world class medical facilities with state of art technology. These medical facilities have consistently recorded impressive standards adopted to conquer the challenges with courage, commitment, and passion returning successes that anyone would be immensely proud of.

At The Violet Grace, established in Bengaluru as our home ground, we have partnered with leading medical facilities, to extend a complete medical travel assistance, right from taking the second opinion to confirming appointments, organizing accommodation and transport, and extend all destination services. We can even assist you with combining your visit with some recreational activities including shopping, finding great places to experience culinary delights, and short tours.

As in many areas, more so in health conditions, prevention is more rewarding than the cure. Bengaluru has international diagnostic centres to periodically evaluate your health status choosing from a range of packages that best fits your requirements. This helps to identify suspicious developments to combat and eliminate before it develops to be a threat.