Culture & Heritage Getaways

Our past is the foundation on which the present has taken shape, and a measure as to what the future holds for us. Every nation takes pride on the journey their forefathers have taken to get them where they now are. It is fascinating to walk the miles other countries have taken to arrive at their present level of prosperity and civilisation.

Nations preserve these landmarks for the posterity and many of them are recognized by the United Nations as world heritage sites initiating their protection for the good of the future world. These heritage sites consist of temples, palaces, national reserves, game forests, and so on. Visiting these sites is intensively informative giving a deep insight into their level of impressive skill and indepth scientific knowledge.

Palaces and royal residencies of the erstwhile royalties speak of their prosperity and conquests achieved.  The enormity of these grandeurs are awesome and difficult to come across in modern day civilisations. #htmlcaption1 Buildings designed for public services spell the architectural grandeur of the time.  It is impressive the design concepts developed keeping conveniences in mind. #htmlcaption2 #htmlcaption5 #htmlcaption6 #htmlcaption7 #htmlcaption8 #htmlcaption9 #htmlcaption10 #htmlcaption11 #htmlcaption12 #htmlcaption13 #htmlcaption14 #htmlcaption15 #htmlcaption16

Good destinations to choose from for Culture and Heritage getaways are: