Culinary Getaway (Gastronomical Journey)

Food and Beverage is an essential ingredient for survival. Yet, for many it is not just a routine activity in life. Lot of effort goes into preparing them, and lot of effort goes into choosing from the available variety.

Food defines the moods and emotions of people, it defines the culture and tradition, it defines the religion and beliefs, it reveals health condition, it reflects geographical location and weather conditions, it shows one’s education and personality, it even defines one’s upbringing and status. Preparation and consumption of food is a science, an art, a skill, a passion, and obsession while being a necessity.

For many food and beverage is an experience that is intensely cherished. Australia for barbeque, Sweden for salmon, Switzerland for fondue, Germany for goulash soup and beer, London for fish and chips, mulled wine, France for beef tartare and champagne, Sri Lanka for Kottu, Italy for ravioli and tiramusu, and so the list goes around the world.

Good destinations to choose from for Culinary getaways are: