Active Getaways

Some among us spend dawn to dusk in a race against time to get our tables cleared of bottomless pile of work load, pushing our bodies to ultimately yell out “I need a break”. This break is always of shorter duration than required, added to this these days are shorter than the working days. Therefore, the break being scared happening, care is required to use it to rejuvenate our spirits and energies most optimally. One just cannot afford to let any aspect of this to chances.

Activities that effectively employ faculties that are dormant in work life is most appropriate to disengage from work related stress helping to completely unwind. Such activities that are highly rated by researchers are showcased below aiding you to find your optimum match.

  • Wildlife safari is an activity that can be enjoyed with your partner and family to rejuvenates your complete inner being. It is an activity that keeps all senses in high alert in an atmosphere of sheer excitement seeing and learning new things exhibited by nature around us.
  • Diving transports you to a very unique world underwater. Vibrancy in colour and lifestyle is so unique that it offers wholly exciting experience. No two dives are the same, and no two seasons are the same for a keen diver. The migration pattern of ocean creatures keeps the excitement always alive and anew.
  • For those who do not fancy getting too close to underwater habitation have recourse in snorkeling. While one will not get to see the bigger creatures, snorkeling is very rewarding in finding the smaller creatures in vibrant colours anf habits. Snorkeling could both compensate and compliment diving.
  • Watersports offer huge range of activities consuming different energy levels. With milder canoeing, to peddlos, sailing, skiing, surfing, kite boarding, catamarans, the range is enormous, each with their own challenge levels. For pure fun there are banana rides, doughnut rides, para sailing, and few more of them.
  • Fishing is an adventurous sport for those who have the spirit to conquer. Leaving the fishing for food to fishermen, game fishing is an open challenge with nature in no manner different from hunting. Your selection of destination will also reflect in the catch you will be rewarded with.
  • Sailing is a luxury that cajoles you to relax completely. You are in the midst of ocean, far from the life on land, listening to the soothing sounds of the waves lifted up by the gentle ocean breeze. Fishes along the way jump out to show their skills. The bond one feels with nature sailing is mesmerising.
  • Golf, erstwhile game of the western elites, is now a game that has caught the fascination of wider spectrum of people. It is so versatile that it is played by ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, from west to east. The vast stretch of nature in golfing grounds combining plains, pits, lawns, bushes, ponds, etc., adds excitement and challenge to this game.
  • Trekking is challenging, rewarding, and fun. One gets to enjoy the beauty of varied terrains of nature – both with the flora and fauna. What looks as a challenge in the beginning concludes in contentment. It is truly a nature lover’s dream.
  • River rafting is trekking on water. The joy of facing and overcoming very tricky twists and turns along the swift flow of water is a fun filled excitement. Of course it is not an activity fascinated by many, but those who have the grit to face challenges and passion to conquer, river rafting is the game.
  • Bird watching is a passion. It is a passion to watch the movements of birds from region to region, crossing national boundaries to find the most conducive environment for them to breed and grow. The colours and songs of birds in their natural habitation are soothing to our heart. It tells us that if there joy in their heart, we could have it too.
  • Watch the world up-side down, speed along the roller coaster sucking your breath away, swing from end to end, go in circles, and do a lot more that brings the scream out of you. Amusements are plenty and gritty.
  • Spa and massage are a treasures preserved from ancient days. The art and science of them have been passed over from generation to generation. It has medicinal values when rightly administered with right ingredients. The Asian countries, from Central Asia to the Far East, have treasured this knowledge and skill that the world scramble to experience.

Active getaway destinations to choose from:

  • Wedding is a universal language that declares to the world that two people have decided to be bound until their final breath, to love and cherish each other. Designated to be once in a life time event, many nations have many ways of performing this divine ritual. Being bound in this union in nation and tradition other than your own add more memorable moments to cherish.