BANGALORE, KARNATAKA - One State, Many Worlds

The word Bangalore came from the Kannada word Bengaluru which means town of boiled beans. Bangalore, the Capital of the south Indian state of Karnataka is better known as Silicon Valley of India, a hub of most of the tech companies around the world. It is also known as the Pub City with the highest number of pubs in any Indian city and as Garden City for its year round blossoms and greenery.

Today’s Bangalore is the proud host of the Indian Aeronautical Research and Development driven by Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL) and Space Research and Exploration by ISRO.

The flourishing IT industry in Bangalore started way back in 1985 when Texas Instrument set up a R&D center in Bangalore. Today most of companies around the world have their software development center in the city.


Based on stone implements found at Jalahalli, Siddapura and Jadigenahalli, Bangalore's origins go back to 4000 BC or the Old Stone Age. Kempe Gowda I designed the city in 1537. It was captured by the Maratha chief Shahaji Bhonsle in 1638. It passed to the Mughals in 1686 who in turn sold it to Chikkadevaraja Wodeyar for Rs 300000 in 1689.

In 1759, Hyder Ali, the commander-in-chief of Krishna Raja Wodeyar II made himself the de facto ruler of the Mysore kingdom which included Bangalore. After Haider Ali’s death, his son Tipu Sultan declared himself the ruler. When Tipu died in 1799 in the Fourth Mysore War, the British gave the kingdom back to Krishna Raja Wodeyar III. The British took over its administration in 1831 until India achieved Independence on August 15, 1947.


Geographical coordinates – 12.9702 N & 77.5603 E

Bangalore is located in the heart of the Mysore Plateau at an average elevation of 920 m (3,000 feet). Bangalore covers an area of 741 sq; km with a population of 6,200,000 (, 2007). It is the third most populated city in India after Mumbai and Delhi.

Situated at an altitude of 920 meters, the city covers an area of 741 square kilo meters.


The city is blessed with a very pleasant climate, particularly as compared to other major Indian cities. Summers are mild (April-June) and winters are cool (October-February). In summer, the temperature varies between 36°C and 20°C while in winter it is between 27°C and 14°C. The city experiences south-western monsoon rains in the period between June and September.

Statistics shows that most of the rains fall in the evening time. Though the city of Bangalore experiences a moderate weather throughout the year, the best time to visit is between October and February.

Capital: city of Karnataka state in South India

Population: 7.2 million

Language: Regional language is Kanada. Due to high literacy rate of 85.74%, English and Hindi are widely used.

Time zone: India is 5.3 hours ahead of GMT

Visa: Indian government requires citizens of all nations to obtain their visa before entering the country.