Culinary delights

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Let's face it, delighting our appetite could only be next to our beloved (just playing it safe). Variety is spice of life. We all want to add some spice in our life to get away from monotonous.

Welcome to Sri Lanka, the land of not just spices, but vibrant fresh spices. This needs no words to express as there are none, but the very aroma and vibrant colours of garden fresh ingredients are all that one needs to peak our appetite.

Nature has bestowed this nation with all spices, grains, vegetables, meat, sea food, et all in it's purity, freshness, and they are in abundance. traditional food served on plantain leaves, served in wooden spoons and ladles, the freshness is experienced at next level.

The culinary delights of Sri Lanka in itself is a strong beckoning to this miniature world of it's own.