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Corporate Travel has emerged as a strong segment within the travel industry as time is viewed totally with different parameters. It is precision with hassle free organisation. Transfers at destinations, transits between flights, visas, hotels, meals, etc., need to work in Swiss Made clockwork precision.

With over three decades of global hospitality exposure, we are well poised to understand the expectations and aly them straight for our corporate travellers. We with our partners around the world function seamlessly to offer our services that are complete.

  • Choice of hotels are such that they are conveniently located being as close to the CBD as possible. The hotel will reflect the status of the traveller. And will offer a comfortable bed, good WiFi, comprehensive breakfast to give the day a good start.
  • Flights are not any more just a mode of transport from point A to point B. It’s where a corporate traveler wants to fine tune his plans with final touches. It is the time he wishes to rest and relax gathering energy for the business events ahead. Flights need to be convenient in terms of time, airport location, transit time, and of course in-flight comforts.
  • Ground transfers are critical links to assist the corporate traveler maintain tight schedules squeezed within limited number of days. Yes, the vehicle requires comfort, good knowledge of local area, handled by a courteous and helpful chauffer.
  • Success of the business trip is gauged by the productivity of the meetings. Productivity of the meeting hinges on the organisation of the schedule. It would be our pleasure to assist in any manner required as part of arranging corporate travel.
  • Corporate parties, with or without dinner, are an integral part of corporate affairs. New contacts are established, old ones further strengthened, deals are celebrated, new leads are pitched. We are at your service if a shoulder is required to bear the responsibility of the organisation.
  • Conferences are key corporate gatherings to reveal new trends and directions. Organisations depend upon these mass dissimilation channels to keep their key stake holders across broader spectrum of people well informed of the developing trends. We encourage you to pass this stress on to us and take your time to appease your audience.
  • Events are used as a corporate channel to make an impressive long lasting impact on their audience. It could be to stage a launch, or a gesture of public gratitude or appreciation. A serious affair delivered in a casual environment. We could offer concepts, thoughts and ideas with complete execution of the event.

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